What is bio-availability of food?

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Just as a message or instruction is understood differently by different people, even if they are receiving it at the same time and from the same source, similarly, based on the chemical structure of the food and digesting capability of the consumer, the nutrients obtained from the same food also differ by different people! This phenomenon is called Bio-availability of nutrients.

All kinds of vitamins, and essential minerals are found in various vegetarian and non-vegetarian sources, but the ease of absorbing those nutrients or optimally benefitting from those nutrients greatly varies on multiple factors. Some foods serve the purpose best when cooked well, some are better raw; the nature and benefits of some edibles increase when combined with certain other foods while the best ingredients may end up harming you when combined with other inappropriate foods. To put it simply, just because eggs have protein, and milk can be beneficial, breaking raw eggs into cold milk and drinking the awful mix is not going to make you muscular; it may work on a few but would fail for most. In short, when, how, and how much to eat is as important as what to eat, and it depends on the nature of the food source and also that of the consumer. 

For example, did you know, turmeric becomes best assimilated by our body, when combined with a fat carrier and black pepper?

Prana Superfoods is deeply conscious of this inherent nature of food which is overlooked by mass produced, factory made labels; based on Ayurvedic principles, keeping in mind the primary dosha of the consumer, and after considering the best way of consuming nutrients, we create recipes that help people derive the maximum benefit out of the food that they consume.

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