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2023 is being celebrated as the international year of the millets. A lot is being spoken about the benefits of these super ingredients. But STOP and READ before you decide if millets are good you.
  • Contains anti-nutrients like phytic acid - Which means that it can interfere with the absorption of other nutrients. However, this can be managed by cooking millets the right way (soaking, sprouting can help)
  • Slow to digest - So if you already suffer from constipation or slow metabolism, this could cause more trouble than good.
  • Goitrogens in millets – Goitrogens are substances that suppress thyroid activity and can lead to goiter. Goitrogens in millets block iodine absorption which is very important for thyroid function. Avoid millets if your thyroid function is not normal.
  • Oxalates in millets - Millets particularly pearl millet are high in oxalates. This can lead to kidney stones. The correct cooking technique should be followed to keep this issue away.

Always take advice of your doctor/dietician before a complete diet switchover . Not everything must be consumed by everyone. Pick what's best and leave the rest.

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