Achaar / Pickles

Pickles are available a dime a dozen, what is so special about yours, you ask?

For starters, our artisanal, handcrafted pickles contain no filler, preservatives or artificial colors.

The fruit/vegetable is hand picked, hand washed and hand cut. That's three times of thorough inspection for it's quality!

Natural Salts: A mix of pink salt, rock salt, sea salt go into making our pickles, making them rich in trace minerals.

Certified Organic Spices: We either grow them or source them from a certified organic farm only. 

Cold Pressed Oils: Oils are an integral part of traditional pickles. Not only do they help preserve the pickles for long, they serve you that little good fat that our bodies need to function properly. 

Handmade, The Rustic Way:  If you can, do visit us at Pench National Park (MP), to see the beautiful process of handcrafting your pickle jar from start to finish. How each jar impacts the lives of the rural women who work with us and you will find many reasons to believe why you should buy handmade. 

Balanced as per Ayurvedic Rules: Incorporating all the shad rasas (six tastes), making ingredients bio available, adding herbs that heal, we make sure our pickles are not just delicious condiments but are highly beneficial, little bits of pleasure that the whole family can enjoy!