Rustic Mango Pickle
Rustic Mango Pickle

Rustic Mango Pickle

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Every household has a favorite way of making this classic pickle. When we would do tastings at the farmer's market in Nagpur (90kms from Pench), we heard such diverse recipes and methods and it made us wonder if we could ever please the crowd! So if you are now sure this one is for you, here's my analysis of it's flavor profile, in the best manner possible.

Big, sour raw mangos are picked from nearby farms, right after the first showers. These are soaked in water, wiped cleaned and cut into wedged. Left to cure in natural salts and turmeric over night and then sun dried before going into a spice blend that is hand pounded, along with crushed garlic and cold pressed mustard oil. The dominat flavours are of kalonji, coriander, fennel, mustard seeds immersed in very good quality mustard oil, lightly scented by the pungent garlic and turned tangy while aging with the mangoes. 

A very special ingredient is then added to this preparation - Long Pepper/Pippali 

Used extensively in Ayurveda for it's medicinal properties, long pepper is a used in cases of insomnia, obesity, toothache, heart problems, liver enlargement etc. 

You don't have to have any of those problems to eat it. Ayurveda has a whole branch dedicated to RASAYANA (rejuvenative practices) so the health of the healthy can be maintained! 

Ingredients : Raw Mango, Cold Pressed Mustard Oil, Natural Salts, Certified Organic Spices 

Usage : Really? Does anyone not know what to do with their Mango Pickles?