Turmeric Dyed Organic Cotton ONESIE for New Born

Turmeric Dyed Organic Cotton ONESIE for New Born

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First they shed, then they change colors, then they have rashes! Your baby's skin can keep you up all night googling and checking eww pictures of different skin problems (trust me, i have been there!)

This particular clothing range is the answer to make new mums worry about one thing less - the baby's delicate skin.  Sure they will have cradle caps and skin related conditions as they develop, but this is as natural as clothing can be and you can rest assured you are not adding another cause to the skin problems. 

Turmeric Dyed : Instead of chemical dyes, this organic cotton is dyed with turmeric. That gives it the anti-microbial qualities of turmeric, how cool is that! 

Organic Cotton : Softest organic cotton is used to make this garment, making sure your baby gets the gentlest protection.

GARMENT CARE : Due to it's natural dye, the clothing will fade, but you can revive the color by giving it a turmeric bath! (Add a little turmeric to hot water, dip the clothing and dry).