Saoji Masala - Heirloom Recipe

Saoji Masala - Heirloom Recipe

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My grandpas - both maternal and paternal, started their journeys in food business in different cities. Growing up, i have fond memories of visiting their establishments and see them and then their sons take up tiring tasks, day in and day out. Something that should have discouraged me to be a part of this industry. But instead, I ended up doing exactly what they did and love it to bits. Maybe that's what made them do this too, LOVE.

This particular recipe comes from a three-generation old restaurant in Nagpur, the heart of Vidarbha cuisine, where SAOJI is a specialty. The masala is blended after carefully cleaning and mixing over 15 different spices that are hand-pounded in a traditional 'sil batta .

Cooking with Prana Superfood's Saoji Masala is fairly simple and it takes away a lot of prep work if making a traditional saoji dish is on your mind. Simple heat some oil, add onions , tomatoes followed by saoji masala. Sauté for a while and add your choice of meat or veggies. This can then be pressure cooked. Add salt to taste and cook on open fire till oil is released on sides. Yes, saoji recipes taste best with 'tari' on top! 

The traditional accompaniment to these spicy gravies were the dry and bland bhakari which are now replaced by leavened naans and roties. These don't soak up the 'rassa' like the dry makka or jowar roti did. For a truly authentic experience, do try the original combo.