Moon Milk - Turmeric Latte With Adaptogens
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Moon Milk - Turmeric Latte With Adaptogens

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I know of no one who sleeps well, except for my dogs who should be UP and guarding us at nightfall. When this recipe was formulated, the first person who benefitted was my little 'vata' boy, who is so hyper that his dreams also involve a lot of action! I know of a lot of mothers who try giving the usual haldi doodh to their kids and meet lifelong rejection. But his blend is special! I have had consumers sending me thankyous for this golden milk that their child happily accepts (now, this is no guarantee that yours's will accept too but this is the nearest you can come to a positive conclusion). 

It works like magic on sleep deprived, stressed out adults. The adaptogens (ashwagandha and nutmeg in this case) help regain or retail balance, so your body relaxes and repairs itself overnight. When you feel better, you fight better!

How to consume : Mentioned on the pack

Alternatives : Nut milk can be used for vegan moon milk

Add sugar/jaggery/honey to taste. Finish with a dollop of ghee for the best potty you were ever done :D