Forest Honey

Won't be wrong if i claim ours to be the best honey out there. Let me explain why.

01. We don't snatch, we share.

Our honey is collected by partially removing the hive, leaving more than half for the bees. 

02. No bites and no deaths. 

The honey collectors are trained to wear protective gear while going for honey collection. They are also trained in best practices for honey removal, ensuring no bees are hurt in the process. 

3. Raw, unadulterated.

The honey is collected in hygienic containers and then packaged with care at our unit. Nothing added, nothing removed. 

4. Wild forest 

Why do we consume honey and what makes it so nutritious? The pollen content of honey varies with the method of honey making. Bees in the wild gather nectar from a wide range of flora and fauna, while those reared in the bee box will gather fewer and similar pollens. This number and diversity makes wild forest honey the most nutrition rich and ideal for consumption.

5. Imbued Range

Our imbued honeys are meticulously created to incorporate and enhance the benefits of different spices. This, when tried at home, may go wrong on process or dosage, not to mention the time required for creating each. 

6. Easy to warm, glass bottle

Prana Superfood's honey is bottled in glass. So that, when the honey solidifies (yes, pure honey may solidify) , you can simply dip the bottle in warm water bath and enjoy the liquid gold once again.